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Project team

The Jaycees

The regional board of WJ / JCI Hessen actively supports the project. Jaycees from different chapters in Germany as well as members of our global umbrella organization JCI are involved in the implementation. The cooperation with JCI Rwanda is particularly noteworthy.

Our assocation:

We Jaycees: We are about 10,000 entrepreneurs and executives under 40 years of age. As the largest network of young entrepreneurs in Germany, we are globally networked and have a local presence with around 215 member districts.

Whoever joins us is committed to their profession and also wants to make a difference:
With our economic, political and social commitment, we assume responsibility for the future and give the young businesses a voice. We promote the exchange and development of young entrepreneurs and executives. In the global Junior Chamber International (JCI) network, we are committed to international understanding and sustainable development with 200,000 active members from around the world.

„And that service to humanity is the best work of life.“

Cooperation with JCI Rwanda

“Schools for Rwanda” is a project with an international impact. At the same time it shows the strength of our globally networked association.
Already at the beginning of the project we established a cooperation with association members from JCI Rwanda. During the JCI World Conference 2019 in Tallinn the course was set for this:
  • On the Rwandan side, Luce Gloria Nishimwe (JCI Rwanda President 2019) and Fabrice Shema Ngoga (JCI Senator and JCI Rwanda President 2010) participated in our exchange.
  • WJ / JCI Hessen was represented by Jennifer Gehrke (Regional President 2020), Julia Heuwieser (Deputy Regional President 2020) and Dr. Gaston Michel (Regional President 2019).
  • anuela Weber from the National Board (JCI Germany National President 2019) was specifically involved: She supported the discussion in her function as representative for international relations within our association.
The resulting close exchange with JCI Rwanda is very valuable for the success of the project – after all, it enabled us to network more closely with relevant decision-makers on site. This allows us to learn first hand about local conditions and in which areas the construction of such a school would provide the most added value.
During a delegation trip to Rwanda in March 2020, our project initiator Reiner Schmidt further intensified the discussions with JCI Rwanda. He exchanged ideas with Yvan Gatoto (JCI Rwanda President 2020), among others, and brought important impulses back home.
Der Landesvorstand WJ Hessen 2020, Foto: Kolja Erdmann & Svenja Sauer (WJ Hanau-Gelnhausen-Schlüchtern) Der Landesvorstand WJ Hessen 2020, Foto: Kolja Erdmann & Svenja Sauer (WJ Hanau-Gelnhausen-Schlüchtern)
Jennifer Gehrke, Dr. Gaston Michel, Julia Heuwieser Jennifer Gehrke, Dr. Gaston Michel, Julia Heuwieser
Reiner Schmidt im Gespräch mit Vertretern von JCI Ruanda im März 2020 Reiner Schmidt im Gespräch mit Vertretern von JCI Ruanda im März 2020

Greeting to the members

Dear Jaycees,
Education is one of the core issues of our association. For us here in Germany, education is a matter of course. In developing countries, however, education is the most important resource for leading a self-determined life. Once the foundations have been laid, this also supports the sustainable development of the countries, because: Education cannot be taken away from a person.
By building a school in the rural regions of Rwanda, we are giving the children access to the education they so urgently need.
The Wirtschaftsjunioren Hessen support the project initiator Reiner Schmidt (supporting member WJ Limburg-Weilburg-Diez) with his project from the bottom of their hearts. Be part of it and build a school in Rwanda together with us.

Many thanks for your commitment!
Jennifer Pia Gehrke, Julia Heuwieser & Dr. Gaston Michel
Regional President 2020, Deputy Regional President 2020 & Regional President 2019 of WJ / JCI Hessen

Reiner Schmidt

The entrepreneur and philanthropist Reiner Schmidt is the initiator of the project Schools for Rwanda. He has already been involved in various voluntary and political functions. One of his fundamental convictions is that our society can only function if people help each other.

Engagement with the Junior Chamber:

  • Supporting member since 2015
  • Active JCI member 2010 - 2015
  • Past President WJ Limburg-Weilburg-Diez (2012 & 2013)
  • International Officer of WJ / JCI Hessen (2014)

Words of greeting

“Education changes everything!”, summarized educationalist Marina Zuber. A sentence that is as simple as it is true, because: Education has a serious impact on the life of every individual and thus also on society.
Unfortunately, access to education is very unequally distributed around the world. Developing countries, in particular, are often unable to provide their children with an adequate education, or at all.
This must be changed! For us Jaycees, education, equal opportunities and sustainability are important core issues. Taking responsibility is a matter of course for us – for our employees, our companies and society.
For me, this means taking responsibility on a global level as well. Not least because, as the world champion exporter, we in Germany benefit particularly from globalization. From a personal point of view, I am also very keen to create the best possible starting position for my son, his generation and those that follow. I want to contribute to this as much as I can.
Dear Jaycees, dear enthusiasts: I invite all of you to support our project Schools for Rwanda. Let us become active together in the spirit of Robert Baden-Powell’s words: “Leave this world a little better than you found it.”

Kind regards,
Reiner Schmidt

Reiner Schmidt

Core team

Who is driving the Schools for Rwanda project in the core team:

  • Reiner Schmidt - Project initiator (WJ Limburg-Weilburg-Diez)
  • Dr. Gaston Michel - Project Coordinator, Member of the Regional Board of WJ / JCI Hesse
  • Jennifer Pia Gehrke - Regional President WJ / JCI Hessen (WJ Offenbach)
  • Julia Heuwieser - Deputy Regional President WJ / JCI Hessen (WJ Hanau-Gelnhausen-Schlüchtern)
  • Marischa and Mirko Braun - Graphics & Design (WJ Offenbach)
  • Christina Simon - Strategic Communications & Copywriting (WJ Wetzlar)
  • Jens Kremer - Webdesign (WJ Limburg-Weilburg-Diez)
  • Christiane Starke - English Translations (WJ Frankfurt am Main)