A project by JCI Hesse

Reiner Meutsch, Foundation FLY & HELP

Our project partner is Reiner Meutsch, Foundation FLY & HELP. This was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Reiner Meutsch and pursues the goal of giving children worldwide access to education – especially in developing countries. More than 330 school projects with a funding volume of approximately EUR 15.9 million have already been implemented all over the world.

Looking back, Reiner Meutsch reports:

“I have traveled extensively in my profession. In most cases, the question of how to market the countries for tourism was the main focus. But many of our dream destinations do not at all offer dreamlike conditions to the locals. I find it particularly tragic when children have no access to school education and thus no prospects. Because school education is the basis for an independent and self-determined life. People who have learned to read and write can form their own opinions, challenge existing injustices and support their country on the way to a better future.”

The special thing about the foundation:

  • The funds donated for the projects will be installed 1:1 on site. Reiner Meutsch bears the administrative costs of the foundation himself.
  • Reiner Meutsch, Foundation FLY & HELP has the seal of approval of the DZI (German Central Institute for Social Issues) - the most important quality seal in the German donation system.

You can find further information under www.fly-and-help.de

Words of greeting

Dear Jaycees,

I am very pleased that you would like to raise funds together for a school project of my foundation FLY & HELP!
School education is the basis for a self-determined life. Unfortunately, there are still many rural areas in developing countries where children have no opportunity to learn reading, writing and arithmetic.
I thank you for wanting to give these children a future! It is so amazing to see how the eyes of the children shine with gratitude at a school opening. With your campaign you make many more children happy!

Thank you for your support!
Your Reiner Meutsch (Founder and Chairman of Reiner Meutsch, FLY & HELP Foundation)